The design process for clients can be overwhelming. It can be stressful. We understand this and are committed to providing our clients creative, innovative work without all the usual project overwhelm and stress. How do we make this happen? We offer a refined approach to the design process that comes out of our many years of experience in the fields of architecture and construction. Our approach begins with and is anchored in the needs of the client. We like to call our approach a client-centered process — one that commences with the client’s vision and continues to the completed building.

1 - Clear Understanding

Our first step is to get really clear about what the client desires. So we have an initial meeting and explore desires and needs. Then we take that information and develop a detailed proposal that may also include preliminary sketches. Depending on the size of the project, several meetings at this stage may be necessary to provide a comprehensive and meaningful proposal.

2 - Design Matters

Once a client agrees to our proposal, we begin creating preliminary design drawings. To support the successful outcome of this stage, we may call several design meetings with the client; we may visit sites of existing buildings for as-built plans; or we may visit sites where new buildings are to be constructed in order to better understand the conditions and surrounding architecture. The intention for this stage is to reach an agreement with the client on building design.

3 - Construction Documents

During this stage, we start to work on the construction documents. We review designs and needs with the engineers and, depending on the project, may have the client also meet with the engineers to clarify and pinpoint building functionality. After everyone is clear, we develop a full set of plans, which are given to the client for review and/or submitted to the county building official department for review.

4 - Plan Review / Contractor Selection

It’s during this time that questions or concerns from the building official are addressed. Plans are re-issued, if necessary. Additionally, we may meet with the builder which the client has selected or manage the bid process and selection of a general contractor on behalf of the owner.

5 - Building Construction

The final stage has us managing the construction of the building. This involves weekly or monthly site visits on behalf of the owner, during which we address any issues or concerns that may arise on the site. During this stage, we also review project draws from the general contractor and certify that the project is in accordance with the construction documents.