Booker + Vick has been serving the architectural needs of clients around the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) for over sixteen years. Our goal remains the same: to create projects that meet the criteria of our client’s budget, functionality, site, time constraints, and aesthetic demands. We offer a wide range of architectural services and have provided these services to our satisfied clients over the years in order to transform their ideas and inspirations into reality.

Full Architectural Services

We oversee the project from bidding and general contractor selection to reviewing job submittals, overseeing construction progress, and ensuring the building construction remains within budget and on time. On behalf of the owner, we review progress draws so project construction status stays in line with the draw. We work with the owner, general contractor and building officials to address any issues that occur in the field.

Construction Documents

We provide the client with a complete set of documents that can be given to bidders for pricing. We also provide a set of documents that can be given to an already-selected general contractor to submit to the governing building-inspection department for review and permitting. The owner oversees the bidding process and selects the general contractor.

Interior Design

We select and coordinate interior and exterior finishes, colors and style to suit the client’s needs and taste. We supply finish and color boards with samples of the actual products to be installed, so that the color palette can be easily visualized by the owner, and general contractor.

Design-Build Services

In addition to conventional architectural services, we work hand-in-hand with multiple general contractors in the area on design-build projects. Design-build projects incorporate the architectural design team and the general contractor as an alliance at the beginning of the project. The Architect and general contractor collaborate on budgeting and design to streamline the project schedule.

On-site Inspections and Reports

We provide on-site inspections for ongoing projects and provide reports of the conditions of the property and potential issues. We also provide guidance on how to correct any discovered issues. We work closely with the building inspector/official to develop a solution that protects both the property owner and the general contractor’s interests. Inspections can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis.

3D Renderings

With the use of Revit, Photoshop, and Sketchup, we provide 3D renderings that use project-specified materials and colors to help clients visualize their projects.