Madelin Mourfield

Madelin Mourfield, Assoc. AIA

Intern Architect

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Clemson University

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Architects

Ever since Madelin was a child, she has been drawn to art and architecture. From doodling in the pages of her notes, to learning to paint, playing with LEGOs, and playing video games that allowed her to express her creativity, she has always spent her free time immersed in art and architecture. In high school, she took drafting classes, with kickstarted her passion for architecture and design. She majored in Architecture and minored in Art at Clemson, which allowed her to draw parallels between the two and allowed her work in each field to influence the other. Her architectural designs are inherently influenced by art, and vice versa. In addition to art, she finds influence from her surroundings, from history, and from the natural environment. One of the core tenets of her design is to respect what has come before us and what exists around us. This belief was reinforced by her time studying in Italy as part of Clemson’s architecture program. Studying architecture in a country with buildings older than the United States taught her how important it is to preserve history and to create architecture that can co-exist with the past, rather than dismissing it.

She started her career with us as a student intern in 2022, and since then she has worked on a variety of projects, including residential, historical, commercial, and institutional. She strives for excellence in all aspects of her work, from gathering information on-site, to schematic design, to assisting with construction drawings. Outside the office, she spends her time with family and friends, as well as getting involved with art in other forms, such as painting, drawing, attending concerts, and playing video games.