Magdalena Borzdynska

Intern Architect

Magdalena was born and raised in Myslowice, Poland. As a child she loved to build things out of Legos. She has multiple family members who are architects and engineers, and her father was an electrical engineer, and he would sometimes take her to construction sites, which inspired her passion for architecture. She studied Architecture in Poland for one year before moving to Germany, where she studied at Technische Universität in Kaiserslautern and graduated with a Master of Architecture degree. She met her husband Jake in Germany, and they eventually moved to Georgia, California, and then Georgia again. Her experience as a military spouse who moved continents and then across the country has shown her that changes and new challenges may be intimidating, but it is beneficial in the end, and it has had a positive impact on her and her work. She enjoys being creative, and she is always open to learning new things, both with her work in the office as well as in her personal life. As a nature enthusiast, she is a firm believer in respecting what is already there. She believes that good architecture is in dialogue with the past using contemporary language, and that it is respectful of the history, traditions, and ecosystem of a location. Outside of the office, Magda loves spending time with her husband Jake and their four huskies. She loves fashion, painting, and interior decorating, including “do-it-yourself” projects around her house.