Scott Hamby

Project Coordinator

  • Associate of Applied Science in Architectural and Engineering Draft Technology – Augusta Technical College

With a solid foundation in engineering and drafting technology from Augusta Tech, Scott is currently advancing his expertise through a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies at Augusta University. His academic pursuits are as diverse as his interests, encompassing anthropology and history to science and technology, each informing his approach to architectural design.

In the field, he has contributed to the architectural landscape of the Augusta area, with a particular focus on the sensitive renovation of historic downtown buildings and the innovative design of the Hub Community Center for Innovation in Harrisburg. His work is characterized by a dedication to not only preserving but also enhancing the community’s architectural heritage.

His design philosophy is deeply rooted in the harmony between natural environments and built spaces. He strives to create designs that seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the indoors, reflecting the beauty and balance of nature in every aspect of his work.

Outside the studio, he is an avid explorer of the natural world, often found hiking or cycling through the scenic trails of Augusta. This connection with nature not only rejuvenates him but also continuously inspires his architectural vision.

He is excited to bring his diverse background, innovative approach, and passion for sustainable design to the team, contributing to meaningful projects that resonate with both their inhabitants and the environment.